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Porsamo Bleu’s Iconic & Best-Selling Women’s Styles

by Krisztina Csupo |

Porsamo Bleu’s Iconic & Best-Selling Women’s Styles

What makes a watch iconic? This is the question that nearly every watchmaker is asking. After all, if you’re going to design and create a beautiful watch, you may as well strive for the very best. The truth is, the answer to this question is really quite simple – even if crafting an iconic watch is anything but. 

Watches – just like the women who wear them – become iconic for several reasons. In every case, they embody elegance, sophistication, and style. 

At Porsamo Bleu, our customers are the best indication of which watches check each of these boxes. They’ve learned that, when it comes to a luxury watch that combines every element on their must-have list, they can depend on Porsamo Bleu to deliver. In fact, it’s what we’ve been doing for generations. 

Where Is Porsamo Bleu From?

Many of our favorite origin stories include a family legacy, and Porsamo Bleu is no exception. Our history in fine jewelry dates back to 1915. At that time, Ata Ashfar was already a highly-regarded master goldsmith in Shiraz, Iran. He was also a jewelry designer and retailer, and his interest in watches was growing. As his business expanded – and even as his reputation was becoming synonymous in Iran with other iconic brands, like Tiffany and Cartier – Ata Ashfar understood the value of building a company that his family could be a part of.

It was from that foundation, and with the kind of expertise that can only be developed over decades, that Ashfar Jewelers, Inc. was established in Los Angeles, California in 1979. With Ata Ashfar’s son Jalal at the helm, and his son Moe Ashfar serving as CFO, the newest iteration of the family business grew quickly. Moe Ashfar even debuted his own watch brand during this time – Moe & Co. – and by 1987, Ashfar Jewelers, Inc. had become the largest importer of Italian gold in the U.S. 

Today, Moe Ashfar leads Porsamo Bleu with the same vision and determination he has always known. Along with Krisztina Csupo, who oversees business operations and serves as Creative Director, they are drawing on more than 100 years of integrity, craftsmanship, and fine jewelry expertise to create truly iconic timepieces. 

An Overview of Porsamo Bleu’s Top Three Iconic Styles for Women

With that kind of history, creating iconic watches is in our DNA. Whether it’s a watch from our elegant South Sea collection, the stylish Diana, or our sophisticated Alexis, each one shares many distinctive traits with the others. That said, there’s also something unique about each one. Are you ready to learn more about three of our best-selling and most iconic styles for women? Good! We’re excited to share.

Porsamo Bleu: The South Sea Collection

The South Sea was our very first women’s watch collection, and it remains one of our most popular. Borrowing its name from the stunning mother of pearl found in the South Sea, this line debuted 11 years ago. It quickly became a bestseller and is still – even more than a decade later – our most sought-after womens' watch. 

Its mother of pearl dial is not only elegant but also includes intricately carved sun rays shining from top to bottom. Carving mother of pearl is an ancient art form in the Far East, but one that’s difficult to perfect. Because mother of pearl is such a delicate material, only a few watchmakers use it. 

This watch has two cases that fit together perfectly. Contrasting finishes – high polish on the inner case and satin finish on the outer – provide our South Sea watches with extra dimensions, appeal, and curves. Although it is the largest in case size (40mm) out of these iconic styles, it is still the most feminine. The single lug connecting the case and bracelet adds space and lightness to it, making it incredibly easy to wear.

Available in silver, gold, champagne, rose gold, silver and black, and brown stainless steel, the South Sea collection is built on the precision of a Swiss Quartz movement. Once you buy one, you may want the entire collection!

Porsamo Bleu: The Diana Collection

Although never not in demand, our Diana watch became popular with the ladies of The View and since then has become a Porsamo Bleu staple. With its monochromatic finish and surgical-grade stainless steel construction, it’s the everyday watch you’ll actually want to wear every single day!

Our collection of Diana watches is designed with multiple functions in mind, including day and date subdials. And while the pictures are wonderful, sliding this watch on will make you never want to take it off. Set with genuine, natural diamond hour markers, Diana has an elevated, everyday luxury feel.

Often referred to as a “boyfriend” watch, the Diana is still designed to feel like it belongs on your wrist – not his. A 39mm case along with a deployment clasp make it lightweight and easy to take off and on. A boyfriend watch has never felt this elegant, this sophisticated, or this stylish. 

And with a trusted Japanese Quartz movement, this watch was made to last. Choose from gold, silver, rose gold, or brown – all beautifully crafted in timeless, durable, and surgical-grade stainless steel. With our Diana on your wrist, you can be an icon every day of the week.

Porsamo Bleu: The Alexis Collection

For women ready to step up their watch game a little more, our Alexis collection is ready to assist. With striking features, a bold design, and even 100 meters of water resistance, this watch embodies confidence and charisma. If you think it looks incredible, just wait until you put it on.

Known for its classic silhouette and timeless style, our Alexis watch is perfectly proportioned for women. For an even more iconic look, both of our two-tone versions – one with a blue dial and the other in white – are guaranteed to impress. 

With multiple functions – including day, date, and dual time zone windows – our Alexis watch proves that a beautiful watch is about more than just looks. This watch does it all – and you’ll feel amazing wearing it. 

You’ll also be able to depend on its Japanese Quartz Miyota movement, durable sapphire-coated mineral crystal, and surgical-grade stainless steel construction. Whether you opt for all gold, silver, or two-tone – and with blue or white dials available in all three – Alexis is the watch that continues to set itself apart with timeless elegance, classic sophistication, and style that never fades. Pick yours today!


For iconic watches for women and men, people who want the very best choose Porsamo Bleu. There’s a commitment to craftsmanship in every watch we create, and now it’s your turn to find out for yourself. Shop one of our retail partners now and experience the Porsamo Bleu difference today!


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