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Love the Watch You Wear

by Brenton Way |

Ask ten people why they love their favorite watch and you’re likely to end up with ten different answers. Watches, as you’re sure to learn, evoke a wide variety of thoughts, feelings, and memories – no two of which are just alike. In a very real sense, a watch means something to the people who wear them. Beyond its practical ability to tell time, a watch tells a story. Who gave it to you? When did you receive it? Where were you when you first wore it? These aren’t the only questions that matter, but they are important details. We know from experience that the answers are what add to the layers of meaning. The possibilities, of course, are too many to count. From best friends to significant others, and anniversaries to everyday surprises, a watch – especially a Porsamo Bleu watch – starts a story and you get to decide how it ends. Here are three ways we help you shape those stories into something that’s uniquely your own.

A Porsamo Bleu Watch Answers a Question

Unplanned meetings and new introductions happen all the time, and none of us get more than that one opportunity to decide how we’ll be remembered. With only a few seconds of time to make a lasting impression, don’t leave anything to chance. Whether it’s our Marcus Chronograph with its bold design, striking black silicone strap, and multiple complications, or our Karla – complete with interchangeable stainless steel bracelet and gorgeous leather band – a Porsamo Bleu watch answers a question about who you are. With one of our watches on your wrist, it’s clear that style, sophistication, and everyday luxury are important to you. Not every watch achieves this. What kind of impression is the watch you’re wearing right now giving? If the answer to that question isn’t what you wish it was, now is the time to make a change. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how. 

A Porsamo Bleu Watch Begins a Collection

For people who love watches, one is never enough. There’s always another style, a new look, or a brand new must-have. Our women’s two-tone watches and men’s gold watches are the ideal starting points. With expert craftsmanship and precision detail built into every single one, a Porsamo Bleu watch can be the perfect gift for something you love – even if that someone is you. Whether you’re just starting an annual tradition or adding to a well-established collection, we have the jewelry-inspired watches – including the ones with gemstones, diamonds, and carved mother of pearl dials – you’ll love to wear day after day. And with retailers available online and in person, building your Porsamo Bleu collection is easier than ever. With just a few clicks, you’ll be well on your way to creating the ultimate watch assortment. Find your favorites and add them to your wishlist!

A Porsamo Bleu Watch Starts a Conversation

If there’s one thing we know about the people who love watches, it’s that they always find each other. Those connections are important, and we’re grateful to be the spark. In a world where distance has become the norm and digital has taken the place of face-to-face, a Porsamo Bleu watch starts a conversation no matter where it happens. Some of that is just human nature. When you’re wearing one of our gorgeous women’s diamond watches, you’ll feel as great as you already look. And even if you are a little nervous, our stainless steel watches for men will boost your confidence every time you put yours on. There’s a reason we say a Porsamo Bleu watch is the one you’ll never want to take off. From cubicles to corner offices, and dating apps to dinners together, we’re getting people talking. There’s no telling who you might meet or where the conversation might take you.

What Your Watch Says About You

Only you can decide what story your watch is telling about you, but if it doesn’t feel accurate, true to who you are, or indicative of where you are in life, then it’s time to make a change. At Porsamo Bleu, we believe you deserve to love the watch you wear. We said earlier we’d tell you how we could help make that a reality, and now we are. Our fine retail partners are standing by with the styles you want and the looks you need. Whether you’re focused on making the right impression, building your own stunning watch collection, or making connections in your day-to-day life, having a Porsamo Bleu watch on your wrist is always the beginning of something good. Click below to start shopping now, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook. At Porsamo Bleu, we make every moment better – and that’s a story worth telling.


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