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Holiday Shopping Without the Headache

by Brenton Way |

Holiday Shopping Without the Headache

With holiday shopping in full swing, gift-giving may be on your mind constantly. If we’re being honest, gift-receiving may be as well. Whether the ideas are for you or the people you care most about, you’re making a list and checking it twice. Only one problem stands in the way: there are some people for whom shopping always seems impossible, and finding the perfect gift feels stressful. From hard-to-please parents to the spouse that has everything, we know the headaches that holiday shopping can bring with it. But there’s good news: We’ve done something about it. 

At Porsamo Bleu, we understand that the perfect gift has to check more than just one box. You want it to feel luxurious, to mean something, and to be affordable. Those expectations are enough to make most shoppers throw their hands up in surrender – the perfect gift doesn’t exist. Except it does, and we’re here to help you find it. Gift givers and receivers alike: rejoice – and prepare to be thrilled. 

For Her… 

From classic styles to modern elegance, Porsamo Bleu has the perfect timepiece for the women in your life. Whether it is our gorgeous Celine Women’s Tonneau Watch or the Guilia Women’s Watch with its distinct interchangeable band, you will delight even the choosiest lady on your list. Just unwrapping one of our beautiful blue boxes is guaranteed to evoke excitement and anticipation even before they see what you’ve chosen for them. Although Porsamo Bleu is carried in a number of premier retail stores, our Canadian customers will be excited to know that both of the watches featured above are currently available at Hudson’s Bay.

Porsamo Bleu feels luxurious because it is. Expertly designed and beautifully crafted, each watch is sure to garner compliments whenever it is worn. Our decades of fine jewelry experience are on full display in the pieces we create. With mother of pearl dials and diamond hour markers, each watch is visually stunning. And with only Japanese or Swiss movements ever used, along with surgical grade stainless steel cases and bracelets, our watches are made to stand the test of time. Simply making a gorgeous, long-lasting watch, however, was never our only goal. That’s a good thing because luxury is only one of the must-haves on your shopping criteria. The perfect gift also has to be affordable. 

Creating stylish designer watches that look and feel luxurious and yet will not break the bank is just one of our specialties. At Porsamo Bleu, we want our watches to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. High price points make that goal difficult to achieve. We believe in affordable luxury – exclusive looks and high-end appeal that still fit within your budget. Whether you know for a fact that your wife would never want to take off our Luxury South Sea Crystal Stainless Steel women’s watch, or the thought of surprising your mother with our Luxury Ruby Rose Tone & Merlot Genuine Leather women’s watch makes keeping the secret almost impossible, Porsamo Bleu has you covered. We only wish we could be there to see the looks on their faces. A Porsamo Bleu watch means something, and that meaning is what makes it so valuable.

That’s right – the perfect gift for her isn’t complete unless it’s meaningful, and that’s where the Porsamo Bleu watch you choose brings everything together. For centuries, the gift of a watch has signified honor, gratitude, love, and commitment. When you give someone a Porsamo Bleu watch, they think about you each time they put it on. Every time someone gasps “where did you get this beautiful watch?” there’s another chance to remember your kindness, your appreciation for luxury, and how much they mean to you. For the women like this in your life, the time to begin shopping for the perfect Porsamo Bleu watch is now. Pick one of our retailers from the list below and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience today. 

For Him… 

If anything, the men on your shopping list may be the most difficult of all to buy for. Too often, if they want something throughout the year, they simply buy it themselves. On the other hand, a lot of men will continue to wear something – watches included – long past the point of repair and whether or not it’s even still in style. This holiday gift-giving season is a chance for you to come to the rescue with a Porsamo Bleu watch. Know this: he will thank you for it. Once you’ve helped him step up his watch game, what he’s capable of next might astound you.

If there’s anything we know about the men who wear our watches, it’s that they like luxury too – from watches with multiple functions to our expertly engraved Guilloche dials. Our Arthur Men’s Watch embodies a rugged sophistication, and its leather band makes it easy to dress up or down. From those nights out on the town that might be a little hard to remember to the wedding neither of you will ever forget, a Porsamo Bleu watch fits the moment and makes it better – just like our Francoise Men’s Chronograph. These timepieces are a testament to refinement and one that, thanks to our long-lasting Japanese and Swiss movements, will be cherished for years to come. 

Just like our women’s watches, luxury alone isn’t enough. Affordability has to be a part of the equation. From sleek aesthetics – like our Men’s Austin Miyota Quartz Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch – to the classic styling of our Men’s Preston Multi-Function Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, you’ll be getting a world-class watch that won’t keep you from buying other gifts. The commitment to affordable luxury is just one of the things that set Porsamo Bleu apart. Our loyal clientele has been counting on that for years, and now you can too. 

Last but not least, you’re looking for a gift that symbolizes just how much someone means to you, and we’re here to help make that possible. When the men in your life unwrap a Porsamo Bleu watch – the one you’ve picked out just for them – there won’t be any question in their mind. When they put it on their wrist, pair it with their favorite suit, or wear it to that all-important client meeting, they’ll feel a little more confident than they would otherwise. And why? Because you believe in them, and the watch they’re wearing shows them just how much. 


If there’s anything better than receiving a Porsamo Bleu watch, it’s being able to give one. Our retail partners are standing by to assist you. Last year’s shopping may have included headaches, last-minute purchases, and more stress than was necessary, but that was then. You’re changing the game this year, and you’re doing it with Porsamo Bleu.


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